SAVE 'Get Onboard' Training

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Aptly called Get Onboard, this downloadable interactive training is part of your membership package. Using innovative techniques to inspire individual and team action, strategy is brought to life – an invaluable resource to be used as often as your need to so that:

Training Video Template
  • Your people are aware of what they do that results in an impact
  • Roles and responsibilities are clear.
  • The unique importance of the Sustainability Representative is understood
  • The stations become second nature and the landmarks on route become the visual pointers to keep everyone on track
  • Complex environmental laws are understood
  • Your teams are familiar with the SAVE on-line tools and templates
  • Everyone understands that they are valued and their actions are important

Should you prefer one of our experienced trainers to deliver your group engagement training within the comfort of your own office environment, please contact us and we will be happy to help meet your needs.

Get Onboard training designed by 360 Degree Vision, approved 'Get Onboard' training provider.