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As proud sponsors of SAVE, AJA Registrars is committed to delivering a quality certification service to SAVE members.

ISO Standards

ISO stands for International Organisation for Standardisation. International Standardisation is a multi-stakeholder process involving industry, science, academia, consumer and governments. It is for this reason that British and International standards are relied upon worldwide and certification against these standards is requested. ISO20121 is the sector specific standard for an event sustainability management system and ISO14001 is the general environmental management system that has been adopted worldwide by all industries in all sectors since the mid 1990’s. SAVE can help you achieve both, or just ISO20121. The choice is yours


Be aware – accreditation and certification mean very different things!! Whilst you can become ISO20121 certified, you cannot become ISO20121 accredited. This is because accreditation is intended for Certification Bodies. Certification Bodies become accredited so they too can demonstrate they meet a standard, ensuring they are fit to carry out their certification roles and meet the essential requirements of impartiality and independence. Each country around the world has an Accreditation Body. In the UK this is UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service.)

There are a number of UKAS accredited Certification Bodies to choose from. One of these, AJA Registrars, operates internationally and has gained valuable experience in the venues and events sector auditing companies against ISO20121, BS8901 (its predecessor) and ISO14001 for a number of years.


Once you have developed and implemented your sustainability management system, you may well like to achieve certification. As a part of the certification process, one of our experienced and qualified internal auditors will need to visit your premises and carry out an internal audit. This will be in more detail than your six monthly progress checks and will identify any areas that need to be worked so that you are ready for the Certification Body to externally audit your system. As a SAVE member, you are eligible for a preferential internal audit fee. Please contact us if you have any questions on certification or wish to book your internal audit.