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SAVE is endorsed by the ‘voices of the events industry’ Eventia, MUTA, IVCA and ISES.

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Are you a member of any of these Trade Associations? If so, here is what you are eligible for:

  • Free introductory workshop (as arranged with your trade associations)
  • Free download of the SAVE poster
  • 10% reduction on SAVE membership
  • 10% reduction on pre-certification internal audits should you wish to apply for ISO20121 certification
  • 10% reduction on our range of specialist consultancy and support services

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  • "As one of the leading global venues in sustainability management with accredited UKAS 3rd party certification in ISO 14001 and BS 8901, ExCeL London are delighted to endorse the SAVE initiative. From a venue management perspective, we have seen huge benefits in running our business in a more sustainable way. Taking a balanced approach to environmental, social and economic planning is helping to secure our future and I have no doubt that SAVE will help many other businesses in our industry achieve the same."

    James Mark
    Services and 2012 Games Director ExCel

  • "I think the SAVE poster and programme is a fantastic initiative that agencies should adopt. I'm passionate about events and for the industry to not just survive but to prosper it is essential that we improve how we currently operate. If it is adopted by the industry we will all benefit in the long term"

    Roray Sloan
    Head of Production -RPM Ltd

  • "As specialists in providing temporary facilities for global sporting events, including the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, being able to effectively manage and evidence our sustainability performance is essential. We are proud to have achieved UKAS accredited certification and support the SAVE programme in its mission to help all organisations in the industry to measurably improve their performance"

    Phil Harris
    General Manager - Structure Group

  • "Woodhouse Show and Event Services is fully committed to sustainable working practices - having contributed to the most sustainable Olympics on record and achieving BS8901 (now ISO20121) and ISO14001 in the same year. The SAVE programme brings sustainability practices within the reach of every business working within the events industry"

    Tony Marsh
    Managing Director - LH Woodhouse & Co & President of MUTA

  • "Navigating the breadth and complexity of sustainability is often a barrier to organisations starting to adopt sustainability best practice. The SAVE programme, and specifically their brilliantly laid out poster, has a demystifying effect that brings clarity to how to start the sustainability journey. There is now no excuse to stewardship change and making a positive impact!"

    Mark Riches
    Managing Director – First Protocol

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Eventia Web Site

Eventia is recognised as the official trade body of the events and live marketing industry providing leadership and representation on important issues to Government, regulators and the corporate community. The association was created in January 2006, following the merger between two complementary trade associations: the Corporate Events Association (CEA) and the Incentive Travel & Meetings Association (ITMA). The British Association of Conference Destinations (BACD) was subsumed into Eventia from January 2009.

"As an engaging self-managed route to verified and measured sustainability performance improvement , SAVE provides an action plan that is do-able for all organisations within our industry regardless of service, size and budget.
A collaboration of theory and creative delivery that enables us to further professionalise within the wider corporate market whilst profiling our unique ability to engage and mobilise change - We are delighted to endorse it."

Simon Hughes


MUTA Web Site

MUTA is the trade association for the UK temporary structures and technical textiles industries, representing suppliers and manufacturers of textile products used in sectors as diverse as marquees, healthcare, aerospace and bouncy castles. The Association runs the health and safety accreditation schemes MUTAmarq, for hirers of marquees and temporary structures, and PIPA, for inflatable play equipment.

"Sustainability affects the everyday operations of all businesses – big and small – across the UK, but it is particularly important in the show and event industry where we operate on greenfield sites on a regular basis. MUTA supports the education and training of our members in sustainability-related work practices which benefit our venues, our clients and our own businesses and employees. The SAVE project will provide a step-by-step intuitive plan to achieving better show and event sustainability."

Tony Marsh, President - MUTA


ISES Web Site

ISES is an association that sits at the heart of the worldwide event industry, and is truly International with a network of over 7000 members across the world.

This network alone can provide enormous value in the current business climate, where we need people around us we can trust, people we know won't let us down. I believe, Trust and Collaboration are going to be the drivers in the event industry over the next 24 months.

"ISES supports any initiatives that help creative companies and individuals within our Industry marry sustainable practices with the very best in event operations. Save offers an excellent plan and support system to help bring these together plus the additional benefit of a soon-to-be-recognisable authentication tag to show a company’s solid commitment to sustainability."

Philip Atkins

IVCA Web Site

The International Visual Communications Association exists to represent its members to Government and other stakeholding bodies and to promote effective business and public service communications of the highest ethical and professional standards.

The Association aims to be a centre of excellence for best communication practice and works with production companies, freelancers, support service providers and clients of the industry to represent their interests and help maximize their competitiveness and professionalism.

The IVCA is the largest professional body of its kind in Europe with 1000 production members and 1500 Client Associates who commission business solutions from the industry.

"The new communication landscape demands a greater focus on impact and effectiveness. In this environment it is essential that we apply similar rigour to sustainability in communication. The SAVE initiative provides a clear roadmap to how as communicators we can integrate sustainability in our businesses. Sustainability isn't just "a nice to have" building the principles into all we do drives growth and profitability."

Marco Forgione